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Migos Shut Down Ideas Of Drag Queens Being In Their SNL Performance With Katy Perry

Hip-Hop fans should be proud to know that Migos do not plan to sell out and settle for any and everything, anytime soon. With Offset of the Migos taking jabs at rappers with upside down crosses, this is another chapter in their saga to know about.

According to World Of Wonder (in a report that has since been deleted),  a whole gang of drag queens was supposed to participate in the performance. While the queens were supposed to sit around the communal table, presumably to devour Katy Perry, Migos were reportedly not down with their inclusion. 

Does yoga once #SNL #BonAppetit

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The report, posted by Uproxx, also says that the drag queens were supposed to perform on “Bon Appétit” & "Swish Swish" by Katy Perry — but Migos refused to perform with them.

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