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Nas' Baby Mama Chimes In About Nicki Minaj Dating Rumors

Remember last week, fellow Queens natives Nas and Nicki Minaj almost broke the internet with dating rumors after Minaj posted a photo of the two in Nas' Sweet Chick restaurant in New York City.

Well it seems like Nas' baby mama has something to say about it, but was what she said a shot at Nicki or a praise to Nicki? Carmen Bryan, Nas' former girlfriend and the mother of his daughter Destiny, had an exchange with someone on Instagram who asked, "How do you feel about Nicki and Nas???" on one of her recent pictures.

Her response? "Relieved! I didn't think my baby father still dated women."

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Awwww hell! We all feel like this might be a little jealous or shade to Nas. Even another Instagrammer stepped in on Nas' behalf and said, "U ain't had to do the man like that."

"Like what?" she responded. "I'm used to Nas dating 19 yr olds, I'm actually glad to see him dating a woman!"

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WELL HOTDAMN!! Seems like she tried to recover her initial statement, at the same time being petty. We do know that Nicki is quite younger than Nas. Was she implying that Nas likes women too young? That he is R.Kelly-ing women? Or was she really just trying to big up Nicki?
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