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Zoey Dollaz Wants To Get At Joe Budden For L.A. Reid Comments

Amidst the scandal and accusations of sexual harassment that ultimately resulted in the termination of L.A. Reid as an Epic Records executive, rapper/podcaster Joe Budden made some statements on Complex's platform 'Everyday Struggle' that rubbed a lot of people wrong and may have opened up a can of worms for Joe.

Miami native Zoey Dollars decided to take shots at Joe Budden on behalf of L.A. Reid. In a recent freestyle on New York station Power 105.1 sho Clue Radio, the Freebandz signee rhymed "These b-tches venting sh-t n-gga, That’s the reason I just let’em leave. Look at what they did to L.A Reid. When we catch Joe Budden he beg us, please. Keep playing with the internet. All that funny sh-t we ain’t into that..."

Zoey Dollars wasn't finished either. He went on to freestyle saying, "Next time L.A. Reid come out of your mouth, I'ma punch you in the mouth. That's not a threat that's a promise, make them Zoe's eat you up like a pirahna..."

The "Blow A Check" rapper was reportedly signed by both Future & L.A. Reid in April 2016. On Instagram, he posted several pictures of he and L.A. Reid together after his signing. So it's clear why he would be upset about Joe Budden's statement.

Life changing conversations with The legend @la_reid 🙏🏾

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Do you think that Zoey Dollaz beef with Joe Budden was warranted? Let us know in the comment below.

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