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Well, as we all know, Boosie Badazz was locked away in prison for a very long time. Not just any prison, but a maximum security prison surrounded by the biggest gangsters and hardcore criminals. 

So you know that he has stories to tell and alot of shell-shock style experiences to share. A video was posted online of the Baton Rouge Rapper talking about one of the experiences when he witnessed two of the inmates having a homosexual encounter with each other. 

“I walked straight in. Six in the morning,” he described. “A nigga riding that dick. I say ‘Man, I want to go home.’ I got to call the lawyers for all types of bonds. Man, give me a motherfucking bond, man. That shit fucked my head up … I was like this place ain’t no place for no motherfucking human being.” Boosie said about his encounter. 

Well, the internet didn't take to kind to what all Boosie Badazz had to say. They took to Twitter and instantly accused Boosie of being a homophobe. Some shamed Boosie:

Others defended Boosie:

And much more had jokes:

What would you have done in a situation like this? 

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