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Roscoe Dash - Response to Lyft Allegations

Earlier today, it was brought to my attention that a Twitter user tweeted out a route screenshot from a Lyft fare, which included a picture of myself, and a WHITE TAHOE.

First things first... YES! That is my vehicle. YES! That is me in the photo. There is no denying that. Why would I? However, I do NOT drive Lyft. I own several vehicles, and periodically, I lend them to my close friends, so they are able to make a little extra cash. I consider myself a successful entrepreneur while talking to any successful businessman they will tell you the same thing. Creating multiple streams of income is the key to a long, and very lucrative career financially.

Now, I want to make sure I say there is NOTHING wrong with being an Uber or Lyft driver. Although this was not me who was actually driving, I HAVE A FAMILY. I have two daughters to provide for and a whole other collection of people relying on me to support them. For somebody to tell me that others trying to do the same thing are wrong to do so is simply just not okay.

After this ordeal, I took the time to do a little more research and found some crazy facts out surrounding these services. Just over 25 people die a day from someone driving under the influence. That is over 10,000 deaths a year that were completely avoidable. Lyft generated 700 million dollars during the 2016 calendar year. Even with all that money generated Lyft is only taking away 25% from their drivers. So, having said all that, I say this. I am not going to respond with negativity. WE as humans are above that.

Instead, I choose to respond with positivity. I have decided to take this opportunity to open the lines of communication and reach out to the gentleman who Tweeted about me yesterday evening. My team and I want to offer him a ride to make up for the canceled ride of which I think he wanted to happen very badly. I still won’t be driving (sorry Twitter haters, the allegation is simply untrue), but I WILL be in the car. I will also sit in on random rides provided by Lyft playing songs off of my upcoming album and meeting with fans throughout the course of this weekend. It’s important to take the high road, no matter the situation. Rather than choosing negativity, I CHOOSE MUSIC! Yours Truly, Scoe.
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